THE mother of a severely disabled Pewsey teenager is hoping to raise £5,000 to make her back garden safe for her son to enjoy.

Polly Greenaway, of Ashton Close, wants to give 17-year-old Harry Ward, who has global development delay which has significantly affected his cognitive and physical development, the chance to be a bit more independent and head into the garden unassisted.

At present, it takes Harry, who is forced to crawl much of the time to get around the house due to his disability, several minutes just to get down the step into their uneven garden, with the help of his mum. She wants to level off the garden, and put down artificial grass so he can move around in safety.

Ms Greenaway, 39, who has been Harry's full-time carer since he was born, said: "Our garden is in a terrible state. It goes down a slope and is very uneven. Harry is more mature than ever and I would love if he could get that independence he deserves.

"He is always asking to go outside and I want to let him do it on his own, to give him that freedom. If we can get this artificial grass he can have that.

"So I set up this crowdfunding page and the response has been incredible. More than £1,300 has already been raised and friends of mine are planning fundraisers in the coming weeks which is incredibly kind. Harry is so happy and grateful."

Harry, who lives with his two brothers in Charlie, 18, and Freddie, nine, has been going to Icknield special school in Andover since the age of four.

Harry, who needs to be supervised when eating, washing, dressing and using the toilet, suffered from seizures for the first five years of his life, until they found the right medication to get it under control, and still requires daily physiotherapy.

"It is a struggle at times but I would not change him for the world, as then he would not be my beloved Harry," said Ms Greenaway, who volunteers for 12 hours a week at Avenue Day Nursery in Savernake when she is not caring for Harry.

"His two brothers are brilliant with him. They are so keen to help out Harry and give me a little break now and again. If we can make this dream come true it would be wonderful."

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