After a couple of weeks away in Greece it is nice to be back in Devizes and reassuring that so little has changed.
It's strange isn't it that when you are away you expect massive things to have happened. The worst thing was our son, who returned from holiday a week earlier than us, forgot to water the hanging baskets and Wiltshire had its only constant week of dry weather.
One of the cats had gone walkabout as well. I found poor Dennis cowering in a hedge a mile or so from our house. When questioned the afore mentioned son claimed he didn't realise the cats had to be fed twice a day.
Not surprisingly though he had managed to meet his own culinary needs.
As far as news goes we are well and truly in the silly season and our recognition of this was a story on an escaped raccoon. When, what was claimed to be, the body of said raccoon was found at the roadside the website story went to number one in our best read list.
Carnival season is upon us and it is really sad that is was so wet this afternoon for the Picnic In The Park event in Devizes.
As I drove past Hillworth Park a little while ago a troop of hardy but very damp toddlers were being led back down the road.
Lets hope that there is better weather for next Monday's carnival fair and the parade the following Saturday.
Strangely the one event I have never been to is the confetti battle but I am determined to go this year.
A new police chief is about to take over the Devizes area and he popped in to see us on Friday. Due to a police reshuffle his patch will include both Kennet and North Wiltshire.
He is worried about the public perception of the police at the moment as the force goes through a lot of changes so it will be interesting to see what happens when he takes up his post in a few weeks time.
A quicker response should be one of his top priorities. My family are quite involved with Devizes Town football club and it is great that former Swindon town legend Fraser Digby has joined his teenage son on their books.
It would be nice to see a few more people at Nursteed Road cheering the side on.