THE AMOUNT Swindon Town pay to use of agents in conducting transfer deal has decreased since last year according to figures provided by the Football League.

Under the stewardships of previous chairmen Ged McRory and Martin King, whose ownerships spanned the last sample period, Town spent £128,326.

Last season that was down £89,741, a drop of nearly £40,000. That’s despite there being 13 more ‘transactions’ (a new signing, new contract, cancelled deals, or loan) through the club last term than in the season before.

Town’s spend is about average for the division. The biggest spenders on agents were champions Wolves, who spent more than £500,000. With near rivals Bristol City also splashing with more £300,000 on middle-men.

Shrewsbury Town, who were relegated, were the smallest spenders paying no fees whatsoever and Crewe were not far off that laying out a tiny £6,066.