TRUST STFC will write to the Football Association to voice their concerns about a recent commission’s plans to introduce Premier League B teams into the Football League.

The panel, headed by chairman Greg Dyke, presented their blueprint for the future success of the English game earlier this month to widespread criticism from senior figures and fans of lower league clubs.

Dyke’s thinktank suggested that all top-flight sides would be invited to enter a B team into a new League Three, slotted in between League Two and the Conference; a strategy that has not gone down well with teams in and around those divisions.

Now the Trust, which represents Swindon Town supporters, has told the Advertiser that they plan to let the FA know exactly how fans of the Wiltshire club feel about the proposals - and they are encouraging the County Ground faithful to contribute their thoughts.

In a statement, the Trust said: “The recent publication of the FA's four-point plan to boost English football is yet another sign of the growing gulf between the sport's administrators and top clubs and the grassroots of football.

“The long-standing and successful structure of English football is unique in the world, revered and sought to be replicated elsewhere.

“The FA’s proposal to introduce B teams at a League Three level within the Football League – and allow further clubs to join at the Conference Premier level – will represent the death of local clubs which are at the heart of their communities.

“The desire for change and a movement against the B team proposal amongst supporters is clear, and this issue is serving as a focal point for the anger and discontent felt towards all those who run our national game.

“The Supporters' Trust had endorsed the evidence presented by Supporters Direct to the FA commission concerning B teams or feeder clubs in that “The board of the Trust were concerned to learn that written evidence provided by Supporters Direct to the commission on behalf of supporters’ trusts has yet to be acknowledged, also that the FA have provided no summary of the consultation exercise and the responses to them in order to provide transparency on the process.

“With the FA’s ‘next steps’ indicating a further stage of consultation this year the Trust expects the FA will now consult with all stakeholders, including invites to bodies including the Football League clubs, the Football Conference, Supporters Direct and others to speak directly with the FA.

“If and when a consultation occurs, Trust STFC will be attending the Supporters Summit in July and will now be writing directly to the FA to reflect the views of Swindon Town supporters.

“You can add your voice and directly contribute to the campaign to change football for good by joining the Trust and help us provide feedback to these proposals.”

Standard membership of the Trust is available for £1 during 2014 and anyone interested in joining should visit