A 90-YEAR-old from Enford, who works 360 days a year, has laid claim to the title of the world's oldest paper boy.

For nearly every day of the year for the last 26 years, Bill Ogden gets up at 4.30am, heads to Upavon village store to collect his bundle of 40 to 50 newspapers, before completing his deliveries in Enford, returning home and putting the kettle on by 7am.

And Mr Ogden, who spent several decades in the army and fought in the Second World War in Berlin, said he had absolutely no plans to stop his daily round anytime soon as he enjoys it so much.

"I would like to think I am the world's oldest paper boy and every day I continue doing that the more likely that is going to be true. I really enjoy it," said Mr Ogden, who does part of his shift in his car and the rest on foot.

"I sort of stumbled into the job. Nearly 27 years ago the former owner of the Upavon village store, who delivered papers around the area, knocked on my door and my late wife Helen answered it.

"Next thing I know I am being told I have been given a job as a paper boy, a good 50 years or so after I did it as a kid back in Chester.

"If you knew my wife you would be wise to do as she tells you so I took it on. So I have sort of come full circle."

After spending many years in the army, where he was a sergeant, and doing driving jobs for the army, when Mr Ogden reached his mid-60s, he felt he could do another job later on in life.

"I like being busy and I like doing this job a lot. Some years I have only had Christmas and Boxing Day off. I get the occasional day off now and again but I see it as no trouble at all," he said.

"Now I automatically get up at that time. I think it is a valuable job. A lot of the time I never actually see the people I deliver to as it is too early for them.

"I deliver all the daily papers and also weekly ones like the Gazette. I hope I can do this for a while yet certainly."

Mike Parr, owner of the Upavon village store since 2005, said: "I really feel he is an unsung hero. A lot of people would not get their papers without him and he does it with so little fuss.

"I make an effort to see him every week at a time a little bit later than when he starts his round."