AFTER 60 years of marriage, Burbage couple Joan and Tony Dobson still have that same connection from when they met all those years ago.

Joan, 82 and Tony, 86, of Eastcourt Road, celebrated their diamond wedding on Thursday with a family meal at The Lamb in Urchfont.

What brought the pair together in 1952 when they first met was at a dance in Marlborough Town Hall and the pair said they planned on doing a slow waltz at a party the day after at the Royal British Legion in Burbage.

"We may not be as pretty as we were back then but we still get on the same. Neither of us has changed really and that is the way it should be," said Mrs Dobson, who used to work as a copy typist and a wages clerk at Burbage Wharf.

"We have had a wonderful life together and long may it continue. We have some lovely children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. We are very lucky and we are looking forward to celebrating our anniversary."

The couple, who had two children, Bill in 1958 and Lilah in 1961, married at All Saints Church in Burbage on April 27, 1957.

"We had some close friends and family but the whole thing cost about £120. These days it costs a fortune," she said.

"My mum did the sandwiches and the local garage lent us a car to take me to the church. It was not as grand then but it was still very special.

"For our honeymoon we went caravanning to Christchurch for a week which again is not as glamorous as what people do today."

The couple's favourite holiday was in 1985 when they went to a wedding in America and after that they went to New York, Washington DC.

"It was a wonderful trip, we were so fortunate," said Mr Dobson, who worked as a lorry driver and on farms throughout his career.

"The funny thing is, I do not feel like it has been a long time. We love living in Burbage. It has got everything we need, good friends, all the facilities that we should have, it is great."

Mr and Mrs Dobson also have four grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren.