MUSICIANS from Malmesbury and Yatton Keynell have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the release of their new album onto Vinyl.

Will Lawton, from Yatton Keynell, and Weasel Howlett from Malmesbury are aiming to raise £2,500 before the end of Tuesday, October 31 so they can release their new album, Fossils of the Mind onto vinyl.

They are now on the final push to reach their target, and with six days to go, they only have another £200 to raise.

If they reach their total, they receive the funds, press the album and backers will receive it in the new year. If they do not reach their target, no one will pay a penny and they will be back to square one.

Mr Lawton said said: “A vinyl record is a beautiful thing, and the 12” sleeve that houses it provides the opportunity to create a piece of art that you can hold, examine, and consider while you listen to the music. You can’t do that with a digital file.”

Mr Lawton, who is on vocals and piano, and Mr Howlett, who is on drums, have been performing together since 2015 and are both well known in the local music scene.

The duo roped in the support of the community to help them record the backing vocals to their first single, ‘Golden Ratio’ which will be released on Saturday, October 28 via Bandcamp.

They put out a call for interested singers and ended up with an impromptu choir of 20 people who have created a backdrop of harmonies.

“It was a big risk,” Mr Lawton explained. “These guys had never sung together before, but the end result was magic and having so many people involved was really special.

Anyone interested in supporting Will and Weasel’s album release can select from a number of options via Kickstarter. From a pledge of £10 to receive a digital download of Fossils on the Mind, to a private gig at a venue of your choice for £250, there are plenty of ways to show support and help them reach their target.

To pledge, please visit