INCREDIBLY bright and talented engineering undergraduates began their degree studies today (Thursday September 14), not at your normal university, but at the Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology.

The Dyson Technology campus in Malmesbury is the first University of its kind following the passage of the Higher Education and Research Act which received Royal Assent back in April.

Over 850 exceptionally talented students applied for 25 places on the four year engineering degree, and 33 if which were accepted.

The Dyson Institute builds on Dyson’s previous work in schools and universities to overcome the lack of engineers in the UK.

Students’ course fees are being paid by Dyson, and they are receiving a starting salary of £15,500, which is set to rise each year.

They will leave higher education debt-free, which is the dream for students up and down the country.

James Dyson said: “Britain suffers from an acute lack of engineering graduates which is threatening science, technology and engineering.

“Dyson’s undergraduate engineers will develop new technology alongside world-leading engineering practitioners, creating real products that end up in homes around the world and all alongside their academic work.

“I am looking forward to seeing what exceptional things they achieve over the next four years and hope they will want to work at Dyson for many years to come.”

The undergraduate engineers will be mentored by Dyson’s world expert scientists and engineers, who will teach alongside academics from WMG, the University of Warwick. They will benefit not only from high level science and engineering theory, but real-world application on live projects.

High-end accommodation and social spaces will be built over the next year. The undergraduates will have a specially designed accommodation village, as well as a two-story, circular building containing the library, café, bar, screening room and a shop. Their accommodation pods will contain a sleeping and study area, a bath room, storage space and large windows to make the most of Wiltshire’s stunning views.

Applications for 2018 opened today (Thursday September 14) and people interested in applying can visit