A COUPLE from Sherston say they feel ostracised after they were told they could only return to a cafe in Malmesbury if their child made less noise.

New parents Tony and Rachel Watchorn, of Green Lane, are dismayed after staff at the Jackdaw Cafe told them they could only come back if they guaranteed that their ten-month-old son Nathan wouldn't make any noise.

"Myself and my wife Rachel met up with a friend at the Jackdaw for lunch last week and we took our little boy Nathan and she brought her six-month-old daughter Esme and they were just being babies, making baby noises and no one said anything to us while we were there but when my wife tried going back with her friend on Tuesday, she was told she couldn't come in with Nathan because he made too much noise.

"Apparently they had about four or five complaints about Nathan and Esme on the day and the Jackdaw was a place for people to go to enjoy the space. Are we not allowed to go and enjoy that space?"

After speaking to the manager on Tuesday, Mr Watchorn was told they could only return to their regular cafe if their child was quiet - a rule which they believe is nonsense.

"We were just there enjoying our time as parents and there aren't many places in Malmesbury for us to enjoy so to be ostracised like this is a great feeling. I feel absolutely horrible - I was called narrow minded and not thinking of others."

George Kar, the owner of Jackdaw Cafe, said: "They were making an awful lot of noise last week and I had customers come up to me and tell me it was too much. I wasn't there to have a word so when the young lady came in on Tuesday, I politely told them they made excessive noise as they were throwing the baby about, who was screaming and then they were screaming. I politely told her they would be welcome if they just made less noise."