A CONTROVERSIAL planning document, which outlines strategic sites earmarked for development, was begrudgingly approved by councillors at the last full council meeting.

Eighty-six councillors voted in favour to adopt the Chippenham Site Allocations Plan (CSAP) at the full council meeting held at County Hall, Trowbridge on Tuesday morning despite continued concerns about the lack of infrastructure in the area. Four councillors voted against and two abstained.

The plan, which will determine future development in Chippenham up until 2026, split the councillors and left many with a difficult decision.

"There are 200 homes that are planned for area and if you haven't got any planned infrastructure then where are all the construction vehicles going to go?" Councillor John Hubbard said. "It will bring Chippenham to eternal gridlock."

The plan which outlines proposals for 2,500 homes, including the controversial 700-house site at Rawlings Green, has been contentious for the last six years but many councillors argued that without the adoption of this document, the town would not see improved infrastructure to alleviate problems from continues development.

Developments in South west Chippenham and East Chippenham, which have been in limbo while councillors discuss the plans, will now be able to move ahead with the planning process.

Summarising Coun Toby Sturgis said: "Yes, the traffic is a concern but without this plan there will be no road or connection to the A350. As Councillor Whitehead said, there will be no infrastructure without development. There will be a number houses built before the infrastructure and that will be dealt with by planning and the Section 106 agreement.

"We have got to look forward. We are going to need infrastructure and for that we are going to need development."