THE air cadet squadron in Lyneham has received sponsorship for 40 new sports polo shirts from a groundworks and civil engineering contractor in Swindon. 
Matthew Lodge, OC of 2491 Lyneham squadron, said: “I am over the moon that POC Contractors Ltd kindly sponsored our sports kit. 
“This is something that the squadron itself could not have afforded to pay for.
“This means they can proudly represent their squadron and feel more like a team; this sense of team and belonging is an important part of the Air Training Corps and being a cadet.”
Tina Goodhart, a member of the Squadron’s Civilian Committee, praised the Cadets, adding: “I can wholeheartedly commend the Air Cadets Squadron for providing a great offering to teenagers.”
“As well as having great fun it is a great way of inspiring people to join the forces, making them aware of the very varied roles you can get within the RAF.”
For anyone interested in becoming part of the Lyneham Air Cadets, An open day is being held at the Squadron HQ at MoD Lyneham on October 26, starting at 7.30pm, when youngsters can find out more about the group and its opportunities. For more information . For further information about the Squadron and the Open Day, please contact Mr Lodge on