A MYSTICAL and supernatural themed book set in Savernake Forest by a Wiltshire author has taken the Amazon bestseller lists by storm.

Nicola Cormick's newly released book, The Phantom Tree, is currently sitting pretty at the top of the best sellers list in occult suspense on Amazon, beating off 99 other entrants.

The dual time mystery book, Mrs Cormick's second in a series of three after publishing House of Shadows in 2015, is set in Savernake Forest in the Tudor period and the present and has been described as the mesmerising tale of the lost children of Wolf Hall near Marlborough.

"When I found out I had made it onto the bestsellers list I was absolutely amazed and thrilled, it was a lovely gift to start 2017," said the National Trust historian, who lives in Shrivenham near Swindon.

"I love to write books inspired by local history and in this part of the world there is such a rich history, along with legendary tales and stories that make it perfect to write about.

"It has been quite a busy couple of years writing these books and I am now working on the third instalment. It is all very enjoyable and just so exciting."

Mrs Cormick has written 45 books over the course of two decades but she says this is perhaps her favourite genre to write about.

"I will definitely pursue this further in the future. Writing about local history is something I love and I think people like the combination of mystery and supernatural," she said.

"One reviewer said it was like Game of Thrones meeting Wolf Hall which made me laugh."

To buy the book visit https://www.amazon.co.uk/Phantom-Tree-Nicola-Cornick-ebook/dp/B01HX6RFQ0/