BARNARDOS in Chippenham is encouraging people to raid their piggy banks and donate their old pound coins to the charity before they cease to be legal tender.

The charity shop in Lodge Road, Pewsham, has started to collect the coins for vulnerable children across the country before they are removed from our circulation on October 15.

Store associate Luke Bramble said: “Barnardo’s works to transform the lives of the UK’s most disadvantaged children and every year we help thousands of families to build a better future.

“But we cannot do it without the support of the public. Every single one of the old round pound coins you donate will make such a difference to children’s lives, helping the charity to continue its vital work. We appeal to everyone to search their homes in aid of a worthy cause.”

To help with the campaign, Barnardos is issuing special coin packs to those interested so that supporters can donate their pounds easily. For more information about these packs or to order one call the Supporters Relations Hotline on 0800 0087005 or email