A SUPPORT group in Calne has been promoting the benefits of healthy eating to families and children at their health fair during the half term break.

Health Active Calne Community Area gave out fruit and vegetables during their fair held at the Calne Community Library and Hub on Thursday as well and spoke to dozens of people about the support and advice network in the town.

Dr Olga Duffery, chair of HACCA, said; "We are trying to encourage families to get involved with projects in the area. The reason for this fair today was to try and promote ourselves a bit more and it is just to show them what is out there in terms of healthy eating.

"We are a small group of people at the moment and we try to organise something once every term but we have to be vocal and the earlier we can get them involved with projects the better it is for everyone."

Dozens of people explored the fair which offered free blood pressure checks by the Calne health trainers, oral health promotions, free fruit and vegetables from Sainsbury's, information about the town's Memory Club, Leisure Centre and Food Bank and a demonstration by the firefighters with their truck outside.

Dr Duffery added: "I think people have been interested and they really want to know and have been asking questions. I am not sure everyone knows what the best thing for their health is and what can be the most affordable.

"I'd like to thank the Calne Community Library and Hub and Jane Vaughan from Wiltshire Council for all their help."