CUB Scout Thomas Reed, who came to the aid of a woman who had collapsed in Devizes last week, is to be given an award by the county commissioner for his actions.

The eight-year-old, who has yet to learn first aid, was in his Cub uniform following a photo presentation at Sainsbury's last Saturday when dad Kevin, who is head of operations at the Wiltshire Air Ambulance, was called over to assist the woman who had collapsed just off The Brittox.

While waiting for an ambulance, the youngster held the woman’s hand and reassured her.

Cub group leader Scott Coleman, who called Thomas and Mr Reed over, said: “I came across a couple of ladies with a young woman who had collapsed so I checked her and made her as comfortable as possible.

“While waiting for the paramedics, she was calling out in pain and at that point I noticed Kevin, who had Thomas with him.

“We helped the woman, until the paramedics arrived and Thomas was great, very reassuring to the woman, gently talking to her and he stayed very well behaved throughout.”

Mr Coleman has said he intends to give the youngster a certificate and trophy to recognise what happened, although now the county commissioner has got involved and also wants to present Thomas with an award.

Thomas, who goes to All Cannings Primary School, said: “When Akela called us over the lady said she felt sick and that her arm hurt.

“So I held the lady's hand and hold her it would be okay and took the paramedics to the lady when they arrived.

“It was a good thing for me to do because you should always help some else in need. As a Cub you should always do a good turn every day.”

Mr Reed said: “I’m really proud of Thomas; he is just naturally a caring person and fortunately part of the Scout movement which promotes looking out for others.”

Mr Coleman has said the Cub group and commissioner hope to present Thomas with his award in the next month.