The Wharf Theatre’s latest production, a comedy by Alan Ayckbourn and directed by Martin Elson, is full of laughs and a definite must see.

It is a period piece set in the autumn of 1969 and follows the misunderstandings caused by a couple having an affair and covering their tracks, using an innocent third party.

The cast features only three couples: the Fosters, the Phillips, and the Featherstones and after an adulterous rendezvous between Bob Phillips and Fiona Foster the ensuing cover-up produces hilarious results.

There is an unusual set design for this play, which is very cleverly done, involving both the Fosters and Phillips’ front rooms as a shared space.

The set had different doorways for each house and the interior set was done very well to make sure it had an authentic 1960s feel.

The costumes also gave it an authentic feel as did the ever-present glass decanter and old-fashioned phone.

Due to the double set the play had a lot of entrances and exits but these were executed faultlessly.

Abigail Newton played the timid Mary Featherstone very convincingly and I enjoyed watching Tina Duffin play a drunken Mrs Phillips. Paul Mehra played Frank Foster and Sheila Weller his wife Fiona, with Cris Palmer as cheating husband Bob Phillips and Jonathan West as William Featherstone.

The various mid-scene character changes, innuendos and double entendres also had me laughing out loud.

I watched the Saturday night performance, which was a sell-out. I look forward to the next Ayckbourn here.