A man accused of stabbing a former bouncer outside a Devizes pub has told a jury he came out worse from the incident.

Lee Turner, 26, said he needed four plates and 16 pins in two breaks to his jaw and numerous stitches after he was repeatedly punched in the late night violence.

Turner, who accepts he was shouting abuse at the door staff at The Crown in Devizes after being ejected, denies he had a knife.

Giving evidence to his trial at Swindon Crown Court he said: "I was just telling them my frustrations and I got whacked."

Turner, who denies all the charges, said he had been thrown out at about 2am after his affection for his girlfriend, Michelle Baker, was misunderstood.

He said he had led her off the dance floor when he saw she was uncomfortable with other people dancing with her.

After taking her to the bar he said he took hold of her chin to pull he close and kiss her which was misinterpreted by another drinker who told him to stop hitting her.

"Someone to my left said in my ear 'don't hit her' or 'grab her', like that, or something," he said.

"He said something to me and I swore at him to leave me alone saying 'it is nothing like that'."

He said a female in the pub then pinned Miss Baker to the wall, causing her to scream out, and as he started to pull at her he was thrown out by bouncers.

Once outside he said he took off his shirt and was being abusive to the door staff, trying to get his then girlfriend out as he had the only door keys.

He said: "I was angry and frustrated that they had thrown me out for something I hadn't done."

When she was on the street he said Miss Baker pushed someone, and he shoved her telling her not to, and she stumbled over the kerb.

It was then that he said Anthony Walker, who had not been involved at all up until then, punched him repeatedly.

He said: "As she lost her footing I turned to the bouncers to say 'Look, this is your fault,' and that is when I got punched."

Speaking from the witness box Turner said he had no idea how Mr Walker got his injuries, but insisted he had not stabbed him or had a knife.

As a result of the violence he said he was bleeding profusely and needed five stitches to a cut to his head as well as many more during the operations on his jaw.

He said the weapon covered in his blood found behind the utilities box outside a nearby house was not his.

Under cross examination from Maria Lamb, prosecuting, Turner told the jury: "I didn't have a knife with me."

She put to him that he had manhandled Miss Baker, threatened to kill door staff and was looking for a fight when Mr Walker punched him, which he also denied.

When she asked him who had come out worse from the incident he replied "Me," later saying "He beat me up".

Turner, of Spencer Close, Swindon, denies wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, unlawful wounding, possessing a bladed article and common assault of a woman in the pub.

He denies all the allegations and the case continues.