Wiltshire's wandering wallaby Wanda has made her way to Aldbourne after being on the run for almost a month.

The last sighting of her posted on the Wiltshire Wallaby Watch Facebook page, which now has more than 300 followers, was at 7.30pm on Tuesday at the top of Farm Lane.

Phil Brady, who set up the page, had hoped to get residents together to catch Wanda when she was in West Wick, near Martinsnell, but she hopped off towards Aldbourne at the end of last week.

There were fears for her safety over the weekend as the marsupial headed towards the M4.

Mr Brady wrote: “She was spotted in Axford, then Wanda must have lost her bearings as she ended up in Ramsbury where she was chased and ended up heading towards the motorway.

“Now she is hopefully heading in the right direction home again.”

Another wallaby has been seen near Calne and on the Bowood estate for some time but is not thought to have any connection with Wanda, an escapee from an enclosure near Marlborough on July 2.