A whole host of animals starred in Cherhill Primary School’s first performance of Noah’s Ark on Wednesday, including snakes, pandas, kangaroos and tigers.

Pupils sang their hearts out for the performance, which followed the Biblical story of Noah and his family who build an ark to survive a huge flood sent by God.

Joshua Stagg, ten, took the leading role as Noah and his parents also helped to build the two-metre ark made out of wood and cardboard, as well as the backdrop.

The school holds a summer production every year and the pupils, in Years 3 and 4, have spent three to four weeks practicing and preparing.

Ruby class teacher Kirsty Burridge said: “It was absolutely brilliant, all the singing was fantastic. They rose to the challenge and they were all pitch perfect.

“Because we had two big year groups, it was a really good play because you could add more animals in.

“All the costumes came from the parents. With some of the children you couldn’t tell who they were because the costumes and the make-up were so good.”