The sun streaming in through the windows of St Mary’s Church, Devizes, on midsummer’s day created the perfect setting for Serious Kitchen’s creative and imaginative performance.

In the best tradition of arts festivals, the audience was treated to a remarkable evening of music, song and storytelling, brought to life by three engaging and talented musicians who accompanied themselves on a guitar, a bouzouki, a cow horn, a harp, bagpipes, an accordion and a rare Swedish nyckelharpa.

Following a series of melodic folk songs, the group reached the main focus of their performance, the tale of the Whispering Road, which drew on the folk traditions of Scandinavia to create a story woven around a ring, a prince, beautiful maidens and an evil troll.

As the shadows in the church began to lengthen, creating an intimate atmosphere, Serious Kitchen drew the audience into an allegory of enchantment, hope, determination and triumph over evil.

The narrative developed with energy, vibrancy, haunting musical themes and just the right amount of participation by an audience whose imagination was enthralled throughout the storytelling.