The Real Me is Thin and despite Arabella Weir's worst fears, according to the title of her first book, her Bum certainly didn't look Big in what she was wearing on Sunday. This very funny and entertaining lady was in very good shape indeed (lovely shoes too)!

The audience was treated to readings from her first two books, interspersed with a mini autobiography from her birth,at eleven pounds, and her early life with food, to adulthood and frequent battles of the bulges.

We had all been there - apart from the men in the audience, who probably haven't struggled with shape wear, but who, none the less, seemed to love the feminine banter.

Arabella has made her name as a writer and as a performer in Posh Nosh and the Fast Show.and is often on our TV screens.

Her message was clear: we all need to feel good in our skin without making food our enemy and our lives miserable.

We also need to be able to laugh at ourselves and de-mystify the whole body shape issue.

After an hour listening to this feisty, witty lady we certainly went home laughing.