A screening of The Blair Witch Project in the midst of West Woods, near Marlborough, has been cancelled because of low ticket sales.

Outdoor cinema company Picnic Cinema was due to show the horror film on August 8 and film fanatics were encouraged to dress up in full zombie attire to fully submerse themselves in the cinematic experience.

The two day event also includes a screening of the smash-hit action adventure film, The Hunger Games, the following day and this will go ahead as planned.

Kate Brundrett from Picnic Cinema said: “It’s a real shame but ticket sales haven’t been great in this area.

“Both of the screenings here are targeted at quite a similar audience and with the ticket sales being low we didn’t want to split the audience over the two days.

“ In one area we have The Shinning screening one night and Grease the next which are aimed at completely different audiences.“ Over the summer the project will tour the country screening a variety of films in Cumbria, County Durham, Yorkshire, Nottingham, Suffolk, Worcestershire, Lancaster and Staffordshire.

The project is run in partnership with The Forestry Commission and all profits go to Eden Art’s rural touring cinema programme, which brings cinema equipment free to rural villages in Eden, Cumbria.

Tickets cost £18 without camping and £28 with. For more details and tickets visit www.picniccinema.co.uk