The npower Health Through Warmth scheme, which helps homeowners in Wiltshire, is celebrating after installing over £4 million of heating and insulation measures across England and Wales during 2013.

npower Health Through Warmth works with local organisations to help with the funding and installation of heating and insulation measures for vulnerable people.

The scheme received referrals for more than 3,500 vulnerable people in 2013, and levered £3million to help fund the work required, including over £300,000 from charitable organisations.

In addition almost £800,000 was contributed from the unique npower Health Through Warmth Crisis Fund.

Elaine Midwinter, npower Health Through Warmth scheme manager, said: “Delivering over £4million in measures is a fantastic achievement and demonstrates the continued progress of the scheme which is available across England and Wales.

"Living in a cold home can have a severe impact on health, so we are delighted to have helped so many people during 2013.

“We’d like to remind everyone that help is still available from Health Through Warmth. Working together with other organisations such as home improvement agencies and charities, we are hoping to help even more people in Wiltshire with heating and insulation.”

Help from npower Health Through Warmth may be available to vulnerable homeowners who have a long term, cold-related illness, a low income with little or no savings and who are unable to fully fund measures, such as a new boiler or heating system.

You do not have to be, or become, an npower customer to benefit from the scheme. Since the scheme was founded in 2000, more than 81,500 vulnerable residents in England and Wales have been referred to npower Health Through Warmth for aid with heating and insulation.

More than £65million has been levered to help fund the work required, which includes £1.9million from charitable organisations. In addition, over £8.8million has been contributed from the unique npower Health Through Warmth Crisis Fund.

For more information about Health Through Warmth, or to find out if you or someone you know could be eligible for help, visit