More than 60 disabled children in Gunjur can now go to a play scheme thanks to Marlborough Brandt Group and Disabled Africa, a charity that is expanding its work in the community.

The Brandt Group has strong links in Gambia and in 2010 it introduced Disabled Africa to the country, which provides services to meet the needs of disabled children.

Disabled Africa set up a project in Gunjur called Hidden Children and has been raising funds to start building an inclusion centre this year, a permanent base for essential educational, medical and family support services to disabled young people and the community.

The play scheme, which has been supported by visitors from St John’s and Marlborough College, has been running for two years but the charity wants to find other disabled children who are confined to their homes.

Nick Maurice, director of Marlborough Brandt Group, said: “Disabled Africa is hoping to identify and include into the community of Gunjur 500 currently ‘hidden children’ during the next two years.”