Thoughtless drivers are causing traffic chaos for residents living near St John’s School in Marlborough during the school run.

Postie Lucy Allen, 35, has lived in nearby Orchard Road for five years and often has to ask students to move their cars because they are blocking the road near her house.

She said: “It’s always been a problem but when it was the old school you expected it because it was the main access route but the new school was supposed to ease congestion.

“There isn’t much parking here so most of us park on the street and if you leave in the morning your parking space will be gone by the time you get back.

“It’s very frustrating if you have groceries and you have to drag them all the way up the road or you’re having a delivery.

“It’s worst in the morning and when school finishes because there are parents dropping their children off but the students who drive leave their cars here all day.

“I asked two students to move because they parked opposite mine and my partner’s cars and they were blocking the road, you couldn’t even get a Smart car down there, and they moaned because they were late for school. It’s just the inconsiderate nature of it.

“Most of the students are okay when you ask them to move but some can be very rude.

“I hired a van because I was moving a sofa and I asked two girls to move and they were very abusive.

“We are supposed to have a meeting with the school and the council in November to see if anything can be done but the school hasn’t set a date.

“The school is quite unresponsive, they say that they tell students not to park here but there’s not a lot they can do.”

Martin Cook, the school’s director of logistics at St John’s, said: “The safest place to drop your child is The George Lane Car Park using the surrounding residential streets will cause friction with our neighbours which we work hard to avoid.

“If you use the vehicle access used by the buses and for staff parking it runs the risk of compromising your child’s safety, causes congestion and leads to frustration for all concerned.”