One of the largest loads to ever be moved through Wiltshire is likely to cause congestion in north and west areas of the county at the weekend.

The giant National Grid transformer will be making its way from Avonmouth Docks to a substation in Westlands Lane, Melksham, on Sunday.

The specialised transporter and its load will measure 5.10m wide, just shy of 65m long and weigh 254 tonnes.

Departing Avonmouth at around 6.45am and travelling at a maximum of 12mph it is expected to take five hours to reach Leigh Delamere services on the M4.

Continuing on from there it will exit the M4 at junction 17 heading south on the A350 towards Chippenham and then onto the A4 towards Corsham. This section is expected to take around three hours to complete.

The final two hours will see the transporter turning left onto the B3109 and then follow the A365 towards Melksham before turning left onto the B3353 and right into Westlands Lane.

Because of the size and slow speed of the transporter people are advised to ensure they allow plenty of time to complete any planned journeys.

A police escort, provided by officers on rest days and paid for by the haulier, will be provided throughout.