A 20-year-old Corsham Town player has been jailed for two years his role in drunken town centre violence.

Matt Jenkins repeatedly kicked a man who was on the ground after being attacked by his older brother Stephen and friend Ashley Belcher.

The friend, who the court heard was spoiling for a fight, started the violence in Chippenham town centre with a massive punch to another reveller who was never identified.

Belcher, 23, then turned on Scott Farr, a northerner who was staying in the town for work, punching him to the face with such force he was knocked to the ground.

Stephen Jenkins, 24, then grabbed the victim by the scruff of the neck and repeatedly punched him to the face, causing his head to each time canon on to the kerb.

Meanwhile his brother Matt repeatedly kicked the body and legs of the prone man during the violence on Saturday, September 10, 2011.

As Stephen was banging Mr Farr's head, Shane Waldron, who knew the attacker, tried to drag him off the victim to save him from getting into trouble.

But as he tried to calm him Belcher waded in and, using a knuckle duster, punched him to the face with such force that he was out cold before he hit the ground.

As a result of the blow Mr Waldron swallowed his tongue and only started breathing again thanks to help from his girlfriend and sister.

While he suffered no long lasting injuries Mr Farr's jaw was broken in two places and he had to undergo surgery for metal plates to be inserted.

Matthew Jenkins, of Buckingham Road, Pewsham, and Stephen Jenkins, of Stockwood Road, Chippenham, both admitted assault causing grievous bodily harm to Mr Farr.

Belcher, of London Road, Chippenham, denied assault causing grievous bodily harm or actual bodily harm on Mr Waldron, and common assault to a person unknown, but was convicted at a trial.

Alex Daymond, for Matt Jenkins, said his client was the least involved and could remember nothing of the incident as he was 'extremely drunk'.

Nigel Fryer, for his brother, said Stephen Jenkins had clearly grown up in the time since the incident and now realises he can no longer behave in that way.

The court heard that Belcher had also changed in the 18 months since the incident having completed a community order imposed for another offence.

Passing sentence, Judge Euan Ambrose said: "Throughout all this you, Ashley Belcher, were the ring leader, you started it off.

"You were the aggressor assaulting one man and then another. Others joined it and took over on Scott Farr and there was a sustained and vicious attack on him while he was on the ground.

"You, Ashley Belcher, assaulted a man who was trying to break up the assault."

He jailed Belcher for three-and-a-half years, Stephen Jenkins for two-and-a-half years and Matt Jenkins for two years.