With regard to the Cepen Park Residents’ Association walk of protest. In your article on page 3, Thursday July 31, they have said that they are concerned about traffic and light pollution were their major concern.

I would like to make a point here, pointing directly to Cepen Park North residents.

We bought our property from new in 1992 before Cepen Park North was built. On the original plans we were not supposed to be living in a through road. After a lot of protesting with the council, the road was left open, so we have been living in a rat run ever since.

I say rat run because a large number of Cepen Park North residents use our road as a cut through instead of using the by-pass.

I ask a question - do any of these residents think when they are driving past our home that they are causing noise and pollution – I doubt if they even give it a thought.

The Range will give no more noise than they are giving to us daily.

We are in full support of the Range development, and it is in the perfect position, right on the M4 corridor, and bringing employment.

By the time the development is completed, the dual carriageway should also be completed, right down to Sainsbury’s roundabout. There will be no hassle regarding traffic.

Before people start protesting they ought to do a little more homework.

M G Pearce (Mrs), Willowbank, Chippenham.