A Wiltshire takeaway that served customers for nearly 40 years will not reopen after being earmarked for demolition.

Shoestrings Chargrill, on Audley Road in Chippenham, was first opened in 1985 by teenage brothers Stephen and Martin Webb.

While the pair’s second branch at The Bridge remains open, the Audley Road restaurant has been closed since November last year when it initially shut due to equipment failure.

Around that time, the property’s landlord Gerald Mitchell served the business with an eviction notice, after his application to demolish the building was approved by Wiltshire Council in August.

Mr Mitchell has planning permission to tear down the takeaway and the adjacent store, Allumino Ltd, and replace them with a two-storey multi-use building.

Stephen Webb confirmed the Audley Road restaurant has now closed permanently and the pair are disappointed to leave.

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The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Stephen and Martin in the early days of the takeaway (left) and them now (right)Stephen and Martin in the early days of the takeaway (left) and them now (right) (Image: Stephen Webb)

He added: “We were both straight out of school when we went into that business, I was 18 and Martin was 16, so we were pretty upset at the time.”

Stephen says he is proud of the popularity the venue enjoyed during 38 years of trading

He added: “We’ve served several generations of customers and families, and have been in the town forever.

“We feel proud of our achievements there because of the longevity and the fact we embedded ourselves in the community.”

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The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Shoestrings on Audley Road after the closureShoestrings on Audley Road after the closure (Image: Newsquest)

They have no plans to find another branch and will focus on running their remaining restaurant at The Bridge.

Stephen said: “The good part is we already have our premises in town and it’s fantastic that a good chunk of our customers have followed us there. It’s still disappointing but that does soften the blow.

“Even though it’s a little bit sad we’re looking to the future and have no plans to knock it on the head yet.”

Mr Mitchell’s plans for the Audley Road property will see a multi-use building constructed consisting of a ground floor retail space and a first floor two-bedroom apartment.

The agents who acted on his behalf, Inspire Architects, have previously spoken of the benefits the scheme would bring to Audley Road. 

Architect Nick Charlton, previously said: “I think it’s a really good scheme and a massive improvement on what’s there if it gets built.

“Plans for the tenants and whether the landowner is going to keep them haven’t been disclosed to us. He might have something in mind, but he may not, we don’t know.”

Inspire Architects were asked for an updated comment but did not respond and Mr Mitchell could not be reached.