Three teenagers convicted of killing a 16-year-old at a house party have been jailed.

The killers of aspiring rapper Mikey Roynon, who was stabbed at a house party in Bath last summer, travelled to the party, armed, on a bus from Wiltshire.

On Friday, May 3, they were named for the first time after The Honourable Mr Justice Saini lifted reporting restrictions during sentencing at Bristol Crown Court.

Shane Cunningham, 16, was convicted of murdering Mikey following a five-and-a-half-week trial earlier this year and has been jailed for life.

He must serve a minimum of 16 years in prison.

Two other boys convicted of Mikey’s manslaughter have been named as Cartel Bushnell and Leo Knight, both also 16-years-old.

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The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: CCTV from the bus before the killingCCTV from the bus before the killing (Image: Avon and Somerset Police)

Bushnell was sentenced to nine years in jail and was told he must serve at least two-thirds of this before being considered for parole.

Knight, who denied having a knife but was found guilty of this offence by a jury, was jailed for nine years and six months.

He too will also have to serve at least two-thirds of this sentence.

Sentencing the boys, The Honourable Mr Justice Saini said: “On the day Mikey was killed, he was only 16.

“He was a child. His family have suffered a loss that’s unimaginable.”

Mikey’s mum, Hayley Ryall, has since spoken of the pain she has experienced since his death.

She said: “Every morning I wake up and it hurts as much as the last morning.

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“I keep having awful dreams that Mikey is lost and I’m looking for him, but even the awful dreams are better than waking up to reality.

“At least in my dreams he is somewhere, whereas in reality he is gone.”

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Mikey RoynonMikey Roynon (Image: Avon and Somerset Police)

A police investigation into the stabbing, which took place in the Weston area on Saturday, June 10 last year, found the trio travelled to the party armed with knives.

Later that evening Mikey was stabbed in the neck with a knife following an incident in the back garden.

Jurors were told Cunningham admitted stabbing Mikey but claimed it was in self-defence.

The boys then fled the house and were captured on CCTV discussing what happened.

They later discarded some of their clothing and disposed of their knives, with the one used to kill Mikey later recovered from a drain.

Senior investigating officer DI Mark Newbury labelled Mikey’s death “utterly senseless and totally avoidable.”

He added: “We owe it to our children to make sure we do everything we can to ensure other 16-year-olds never suffer the same fate.”