A cat who was picked up and stolen from Sainsbury's car park in Royal Wootton Bassett has been reunited with his owner, almost a week after he was taken.

Tammy McFarlane's beloved grey and white cat went missing around midday on Sunday, January 28, but Tammy became increasingly concerned when multiple people on social media reported seeing a woman pick up a cat from the car park and carry it away.

I saw a lady carrying a large cat at around the same time,” said Haley Bassett.

"He was struggling to get down but she was holding onto him. It looked strange but I assumed she was carrying him home from the vets so I didn’t intervene.”

Haley was among several residents to report having seen the same thing.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The loveable cat was microchipped and wearing a collar when he was stolen from a supermarket car park.The loveable cat was microchipped and wearing a collar when he was stolen from a supermarket car park. (Image: Tammy McFarlane)

CCTV cameras at Borough Fields car park showed a woman wearing a dark hoody, small black backpack, dark jeans and black trainers with a white stripe picking up a cat, wearing a collar like Tammy's cat.

"On Sunday, January 28, between 12 and 1pm, he was taken from Borough Fields, via High Street to the Longleaze estate," said owner Tammy.

"He visits the car park regularly but never goes further than that. He's become a bit of a local celebrity around Sainsbury's."

Tammy was told she could not release the CCTV images, which were handed to police, so hand drew sketches of the footage she had seen to share online.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Tammy drew what she had seen on CCTV to spread awareness.Tammy drew what she had seen on CCTV to spread awareness. (Image: Tammy McFarlane)

"There has been a huge response so far but if anyone remembers anything further or can help to identify this woman any information would be greatly received thank you," said Tammy.

On February 4, Tammy confirmed on social media her stolen 'celebrity' cat had been found.

"A happy ending tonight," she said. "My boy is back with me.

"I collected him about half an hour ago from two lovely ladies, Caroline and Linda who I can’t thank enough for contacting me after he turned up at one of their doors.

"It’s possible the publicity became too much to handle and he’s been thrown out in the dark tonight. He’s uninjured but has lost weight and was ravenous. His collar had been removed.

"Despite his return, I intend to pursue this anyway to ensure that she doesn’t have the opportunity to do this to anyone else in future.

"Thank you again Bassett, you truly are a town of heroes."