A missing cat from Royal Wootton Bassett is now being declared as ‘stolen' after locals ‘saw it being carried away.’

Tammy McFarlane, from Victory Row in Royal Wootton Bassett, last saw her beloved grey and white cat at midday on Sunday, January 28, and said the cat was a frequent visitor to Borough Fields Car Park, opposite Sainsbury's.

The owner first reported her cat as missing but has now become increasingly concerned as more residents have come forward to say they saw the cat being carried away from Borough Fields.

I saw a lady carrying a large cat at around the same time,” said Haley Bassett, on the town’s community page. "He was struggling to get down but she was holding onto him

“It looked strange but I assumed she was carrying him home from the vets so I didn’t intervene.”

“I saw the lady carrying a cat that looked a bit like him too," added Rachel Clarke. "I didn’t stop her as I assumed the same."

“I saw a lady pick him up and walk away with him,” said Clare Bennett.

The cat's owner, Tammy, only moved to the town 10 months away and has been advised not to name the cat publicly as he responds to his name and this could be used to call him away.

"He visits the car park regularly but never goes further than that," she said. He's incredibly friendly and will go up to anyone, I think that's how he got picked up and taken.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The stolen cat was a regular visitor to Borough Fields Car ParkThe stolen cat was a regular visitor to Borough Fields Car Park (Image: Tammy McFarlane)

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The cat was reportedly 'taken' from Borough Fields Car ParkThe cat was reportedly 'taken' from Borough Fields Car Park (Image: Newsquest)

The multiple sightings of a woman carrying a large grey and white cat away occurred at around 1pm on Sunday, one hour after Tammy last saw her cat.

CCTV footage for Borough Fields Car Park is now being reviewed by the town council, the incident has been reported to the police, and the microchipped cat is now being treated as ‘stolen’ by his owner although Wiltshire Police have yet to confirm this is a theft case.

“He is very loved, not just by me but by a lot of people near where I live,” said Tammy. "He's become a bit of a local celebrity around Sainsbury's.

“The support of people sharing the message and looking for him has just blown me away. I don't use Facebook much but the online response is really overwhelming.

“He’s not a pedigree but of massive emotional value to me. I'm just hoping there's nothing sinister about it all."

The Bassett local cat has been described as extremely friendly and anyone who has any information about his disappearance or has seen him should contact the owner on 07590 118574.