A Wiltshire pub which was taken over last year has scooped its first-ever award.

The Barleycorn Inn, nestled in the village of Collingbourne Kingston between Marlborough and Salisbury, has been awarded the Reputation’s ‘800 Award’, which is reserved for establishments with the very best brand reputation.

The award is a huge accomplishment for tenants Tom and Terry Robinson, who entered a five-year tenancy agreement in April 2023.

The inn was previously reported as having ‘failed on numerous occasions’ and in October 2023, was given a one-star hygiene rating.

However, the charming 18th-century coaching inn has been described by locals as the “beating heart of the community” and “a real English pub, for real villagers, and one which really supports the village community, local and military charities.”

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The Barleycorn Inn is the beating heart of the communityThe Barleycorn Inn is the beating heart of the community (Image: The Barleycorn Inn)

“The 800 Award is a top recognition for local level businesses with best-in-class brand reputation and highlights organisations that go above and beyond by listening to and acting on feedback from their consumers,” said a spokesperson for Reputation.

“The Barleycorn Inn, Collingbourne Kingston, has demonstrated its commitment to evolving alongside its customers by prioritising their needs and taking action based on what they are saying across online reviews, rating pages and on social media,” added Liz Carter, Reputation’s chief marketing officer.

“On behalf of Reputation, I extend an enthusiastic congratulations to The Barleycorn Inn, Collingbourne Kingston, for its commitment to understanding consumer feedback and acting on it.”

The pub is a Brakspear pub and the building itself is protected by Covenant. The Covenant ensures that the Barleycorn Inn may only ever be used as an inn, and cannot be redeveloped.

"Tom, Terry and the team at the Barleycorn Inn are both proud and delighted to have received the prestigious 2024 '800 Award' from Reputation," said a spokesperson for the inn.

"This will encourage us to work even harder to deliver our services, whilst ensuring that our pub remains the beating heart of the village community."

“Our commitment to keeping the pub open is 100 per cent. We’re building a really good reputation for Sunday lunches," added landlord Tom, when refuting claims that the inn could be in danger last year.

“We’ve got a new top-notch chef who has worked in Michelin-star places who is here now and has taken over the kitchen. Our aim is to make everybody welcome."