The new tenants of Collingbourne Kingston’s Barleycorn Inn are “at a loss” as to why their parish council considers the 18th century pub to be at risk.

Wiltshire Council received a nomination from Collingbourne Kingston Parish Council last week that requested The Barleycorn Inn be listed as an asset of community value to protect the village’s only amenity.

The new tenants, Tom and Terry Robinson entered into a 5-year tenancy agreement in April 2023 and have managed the Breakspear-owned pub ever since.

The parish council’s nomination stated: “Concern remains as to what will happen to this amenity if the new tenant who has no track record in the licensing trade is unable to make a going concern of the premises.”

It also said: “Loss of this amenity would have an enormous impact on the community of Collingbourne Kingston, and its hamlets Aughton and Brunton.”

However, according to the tenants, the building is legally covered by a covenant that ensures the pub may only be used as an inn.

Tom Robinson also refuted the claim that he had no track record in the licensing trade, having run other pubs in the past.

He said: “Our commitment to keeping the pub open is 100 percent.

“We’re building a really good reputation for Sunday lunches.

“We’ve got a new top-notch chef who has worked in Michelin-star places who is here now and has taken over the kitchen.”   

He added: “Our aim is to make everybody welcome.

"Yesterday, anybody who was in the forces got five per cent of their food and a free shot of port.”

The Barleycorn Inn promotes two charities each year, which were Brighter Futures Great Western NHS and the Wiltshire Air Ambulance in 2023.

The new tenants also host a number of events in the pub, including live music and quiz nights.

Their next big event is the “celebrity Christmas light switch-on” on Saturday, December 2.

Claire Lingard, the host of the weekly Wiltshire Green Woollies Knit & Natter community event that takes place in the pub, is frustrated by Collingbourne Kingston Parish Council’s insinuation that the venue is in danger.

She said: “It is clearly specified in the covenant that the pub can only ever be used as a public house.
“There was never any danger of planning permission being applied for to turn it into anything else, because it just can’t be.”