Developers have responded to fears that plans for a new self-storage facility would increase traffic and become an “eyesore”.

Cinch Self Storage recently revealed plans to demolish the former Islington Vauxhall Garage on the A4 Bath Road and build a three-storey storage facility.

The designs are at an early stage and undergoing public consultation ahead of a planning application being submitted.

Some residents have raised concerns over the proposal claiming it would increase traffic in Hereford Close, the residential access point for the site.

One local said: “It’s insane to put a storage unit that’s accessed through a housing estate, it’s going to be an eyesore.

“They are open 24 hours a day which will be a nightmare for those living next to it… cars and vans running in and out, removal lorries squeezing through all day.”

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The current building on the A4The current building on the A4 (Image: Newsquest)

Cinch says movement at the site would peak at around 15 vehicles an hour and would be less than 50 per cent that of a successful car dealership.

While 24/7 access was planned, Cinch is assessing potential opening hours after residents told them this could become a “nuisance.”

Martin Hughes, a consultant working on the project, believes the development would meet an important need for Chippenham.

He said: “There is a well-known need for storage in the town, Cinch’s facility at Bumpers Farm is full so there is demand.

“It’s important for small local businesses, and storage creates very low numbers of vehicle trips.

“We’re confident the traffic would be less… there are other uses that could cause more nuisance and be a worse outcome for residents.”

The current designs propose a “modern” 5,394sq metre facility with a metal façade and a ridge height of around 12.5 metres.

The development would create around five jobs.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The proposed facilityThe proposed facility (Image: Cinch Self Storage)

Some neighbours are concerned the building would block the view of residents behind the site and would not be appropriate for the area.

Speaking on Facebook, Cllr Liz Alstrom agreed: “I don't think this site is at all appropriate and I feel genuinely sorry for the residents who back on to the site.

“Despite reassurances from the representatives at Cinch, three storeys is tall and it will block the view of the residents that live behind the site.”

Mr Hughes emphasised Cinch is committed to working with the community to alleviate these worries.

He added: “We understand people are concerned when buildings come close to them.

“The proposal is the equivalent of a two-storey house so in that respect it’s not out of context with the surrounding area.”