A TikTok craze where teenagers jam themselves in to child's swings has hit Calne.

Fire crews were called out to the playground at Bremhill View on Saturday to release a 16-year-old who had become stuck in a toddler's swing.  

The swing had to be dismantled in order to release the teenager.

The incident has prompted fire services across to ask teenagers to think twice before they try to take part in the latest TikTok craze.

The phenomenon started last year but firefighters have noticed it sweeping the UK again in recent weeks and a number of other fire and rescue services have spoken out about the number of calls they are getting.

A Wiltshire fire spokesperson said: "In their quest for TikTok fame, teenagers have been forcing themselves into toddlers’ swings and getting stuck - ending in a call out to firefighters to rescue them.

"Please think twice so you don't divert our crews from more serious incidents."