The owner of a dog which had to be put down after being savaged by another dog in Devizes has called for stricter laws.

Vets had to put little West Highland terrier Lulu to sleep after she was mauled by an Alsatian-type dog.

Helen Aggett says she is heart broken."It's like losing a child and I feel quite lost to be honest," she said. "Lulu was a wonderful companion. She always made people laugh and was a real character."

Lulu, 13, was out for a gentle stroll with her younger Shitzu cross companion Kiki.

"Kiki has been distraught too. She just looks so sad," added Helen. "The police say they can't arrest the owner of the Alsatian as the dangerous dogs act doesn't cover dog on dog attacks. A dog killing another dog can still have devastating impact."

Both Lulu and Kiki were being looked after for the weekend by Helen's work mate Sandra Longhurst and her partner Sally.

Sandra says she is grief stricken after the shocking ordeal.

"We were just our for our usual walk in the field by Nursteed School," she said. "Some teenagers came around the corner, and told us a dog was following them.

"We put Kiki back on her lead and Lulu was with us. But in a split second the other dog just grabbed her in its jaws shaking and shaking her.

"The teenagers were screaming, and we tried to get the dog to drop Lulu but it wouldn't let go of her and just kept on shaking her. It was just awful.

"We tried to prize its jaws open, and eventually managed to get it to drop Lulu. One of the girls went to see if she could find the owner. Another called the police.We were covered in blood."

The attack took place near Nursteed Community Primary School in Brickley Lane, Devizes. Both Sandra and Sally got bite and puncture marks on their hands.

"What is worrying is that this dog was clearly out of control. The owner strolled up and didn't really seem to care. I don't think any kind of community order asking him to muzzle that dog will make any difference. The law needs to be tighter."

The dog owner is reported to live close to the Nursteed field.

The terrier was rushed to McQueens, a local vet, where it had to be put down because of the severe injuries it sustained and because of the shock it suffered.

The incident has prompted community calls for the offending animal to either be put down or rehomed.