With only one week to go until the the people of Wiltshire head to the polls to select county and town & parish councillors here’s a run down of what each party is promising to bring to Wiltshire.

On Thursday, May 6, residents will be voting in hundreds of elections spread across the county.

Among those are the election of Wiltshire councillors, town and parish councillors, the Swindon and Wiltshire Police & Crime Commissioner and referendums on Neighbourhood Plans.

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The Conservative party – who hold the current majority seating – have promised to give residents fully-costed, deliverable plans to meet the post-Covid challenges the next four years will bring.

The party has also placed a candidate in all 98 Wiltshire Council unitary wards.

Additionally, there are 54 Labour candidates, 90 Liberal Democrats, 67 Greens and two candidates with the Labour & Co-operative party.

One candidate is running for the far-right party the For Britain Movement.

Wiltshire Conservatives have pledged 1,000 more council houses, to be carbon neutral by 2030, to crackdown on flytipping and provide £4m to high streets to support them post-Covid.

Current council leader, Philip Whitehead said the group would maintain “prudence and sound financial management, whilst supporting the most vulnerable in our communities”.

Wiltshire Labour has set its sights on policies to tackle climate change with the promise of greener transport through bus service improvements and more cycle lanes.

The group also says it will campaign to rebuild the county’s public services, build more council houses and establish neighbourhood policing to help tackle domestic violence and abuse.

Labour group leader, Ricky Rogers said: “Our plan is ambitious for Wiltshire, but it is also serious, pragmatic and affordable.

“We believe that Wiltshire Council should be working in partnership with local people and organisations to make our county a better place for all its people.”

The Liberal Democrats are promising better planning with “the right houses in the right places,” quality social care, environmentally-friendly transport and a strong support for job creation.

Leader of the Lib Dems, Ian Thorn said: “This is why we will innovate and defend services that provide benefits to the local community, beyond the statutory ones that we are legally obliged to offer.”

The Greens will lobby for more social and affordable housing in the county, as well as opposing “inappropriate development.”

The party says it also wants all new housing to be built to zero carbon standards.

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There are also 31 candidates independent of political parties running for Wiltshire Council seats next week – headed up at County Hall by Ernie Clark.

Voters in Wiltshire will also be deciding on their local town and parish councillors, the new Swindon and Wiltshire Police & Crime Commissioner, and voting on a number of Neighbourhood Planning referendums come Thursday, May 6.

The counts for each of these votes will be spread out with the unitary count happening on Saturday, May 8, the parish and town council votes and Neighbourhood Plan ballots on May 9 and the PCC count will take place on May 10 at Five Rivers in Salisbury.