Nearly 250 candidates are battling it out for 98 seats in the unitary Wiltshire Council elections on May 6.

Those candidates represent six unique political parties: Conservatives, Labour, Labour & Co-operative, Liberal Democrats and Greens and the For Britain Movement.

Interestingly, there will be 31 independent candidates running for unitary seats – in some areas, independents are running against one another.

While the Conservative party, which have previously held a majority seating, is running a candidate in every division.

Additionally, there are 54 Labour candidates, 90 Liberal Democrats, 67 Greens and two candidates with the Labour & Co-operative party.

One candidate is running for the far-right party the For Britain Movement.

Here is the full list of Wiltshire Council candidates in alphabetical order (by division):

Aldbourne & Ramsbury (one seat)

George Henry Cheese - Labour

Rodney Ian Cleasby - Liberal Democrats

Charlie O’Farrell - Greens

James Henry Sheppard - Conservative

Alderbury & Whiteparish (one seat)

Colin Richard Baxter - Liberal Democrats

Richard Britton - Conservative

Olivia McLennan - Labour

Martin Wyber Plimsole - Greens

Amesbury East & Bulford (one seat)

Ian Alexander Jones - Labour

Marcus Mann - Liberal Democrats

Mark Gregory Verbinnen - Conservative

Sue Wright - Greens

Amesbury South (one seat)

Tony James Mears - Labour

Andrew North - Liberal Democrats

Michael Robert Pope - Greens

Rob Yuill - Conservative

Amesbury West (one seat)

Di Cross - Greens

Monica Devendran - Conservative

Dominique Claire Hall - Liberal Democrats

Timothy Roderic Sedgwick-Jell - Labour

Avon Valley (one seat)

Ian Charles Duke Blair-Pilling - Conservative

Elizabeth Fiona Genner - Liberal Democrats

Lesley Alyson Jupp - Greens

Alan Stephen Wood - Independent

Bowerhill (one seat)

Malcolm George Hewson - Liberal Democrats

Nick Holder - Conservative

Box & Colerne (one seat)

Brian George Felton Mathew - Liberal Democrats

Sheila Gladys Parker - Conservative

Bradford on Avon North (one seat)

Roy Andrew Hayward - Conservative

Simon Laird McNeill-Ritchie - Independent

John Richard Pearce - Greens

Tim Trimble - Liberal Democrats

Bradford on Avon South (one seat)

Sarah Gibson - Liberal Democrats

Clive Hilton - Conservative

Brinkworth (one seat)

Philip Kwasi Gyawu Baffour - Labour

Chris Hurst - Liberal Democrats

Elizabeth Buff Threlfall - Conservative

Bromham, Rowde & Roundway (one seat)

Mark Domnech William Mangham - Liberal Democrats

Laura Evelyn Mayes - Conservative

William Michael Wescott - Labour

By Brook (one seat)

Peter Neil Baldrey - Labour

Lesley Clare Stockman Bennett - Liberal Democrats

Nick Botterill - Conservative

Rosie Howell - Greens

Calne Central (one seat)

John Boaler - Labour

Brent Slater- Conservative

Ian Leslie Thorn - Liberal Democrats

Lindsay Alexandra Woodman - Greens

Calne Chilvester & Abberd (one seat)

Daniel Brendan McAuley - Greens

Robert Matthew Merrick - Liberal Democrats

Sue Pitman - Labour

Tony Trotman - Conservative

Calne North (one seat)

Glenis Jean Ansell - Liberal Democrats

Jon Fisher - Labour

Arthur John McAuley - Greens

Tom Rounds - Conservative

Calne Rural (one seat)

John Francis Barnes - Labour

Declan Alexander William Boore - Liberal Democrats

Ashley O’Neill - Conservative

Hugh Clayton-Filcher - Greens

Calne South (one seat)

Alan Kenneth Hill - Conservative

Tom Morris - Labour

Sam Pearce-Kearney - Liberal Democrats

Chippenham Cepen Park & Derriads (one seat)

James George Bradbury - Independent

Nic Puntis - Conservative

Edward William Paul Sawyer - Liberal Democrats

Chippenham Cepen Park & Hunters Moon (one seat)

Peter John Hutton - Conservative

George Patrick Simmonds - Liberal Democrats

Myla Annaleise Watts - Independent

Chippenham Hardenhuish (one seat)

Peter James Ludlow Cousins - Independent

Robert John Bradfield Giles - Conservative

Kathryn Farrah Macdermid - Liberal Democrats

Chippenham Hardens & Central(one seat)

Liz Alstrom - Liberal Democrats

Ken Oxley - Conservative

Matthew Carl Short - Independent

Chippenham Lowden & Rowden (one shot)

Ross Henning - Liberal Democrats

David Keith Poole - Independent

Peter Graham Wragg - Conservative

Chippenham Monkton (one seat)

Jonathan Jeffrey Melvyne Branton

Nick Murry - Independent

Jackie Plumb - Conservative

Chippenham Pewsham (one seat)

Richard Brambury - Conservative

Geoff Brewer - Independent

Clare Morforwyn Cape - Liberal Democrats

Chippenham Sheldon (one seat)

Adrian David Foster - Liberal Democrats

Teresa Hutton - Conservative

Andy Phillips - Independent

Adrian Richard Estcourt Temple-Brown - Independent

Corsham Ladbrook (one seat)

Phillip Christopher Chamberlain - Greens

Ruth Mary Catherine Hopkinson - Liberal Democrats

Ray Le-Var - Conservative

Corsham Pickwick (one seat)

Helen Clare Belcher - Liberal Democrats

Alun Rolfe Crockford - Conservative

Stephanie Michelle Driver - Labour

Tina Maria Johnston

Corsham Without (one seat)

Declan Basley - Greens

Patrick Holliday - Conservative

Derek Charles Walter - Liberal Democrats

Cricklade & Latton (one seat)

Bob Jones - Liberal Democrats

Luke Lawrence Jowett - Conservative

Devizes East (one seat)

Angelika Davey - Liberal Democrat

Samantha Jane Drury Shore - Greens

Kelvin James Nash - Conservative

Noël Woolrych - Labour

Devizes North (one seat)

James Allen - Greens

Ian Richard Porter Hopkins - Independent

David James Kinnaird - Liberal Democrats

Vincent Paul McNamara - Labour

Iain Wallis - Conservative

Devizes Rural West (one seat)

Daisy Gül Alice Bostanli - Labour

Margaret Ursula Green - Greens

Tamara Reay - Conservative

Devizes South (one seat)

Catherine Amelia Brown - Labour

Yvonne Alice Forsey - Greens

Simon David Jacobs - Conservative

Alan Charles Rankin - Liberal Democrats

Downton & Ebble Valley (one seat)

Richard Anthony Allam - Greens

Richard John Clewer - Conservative

John Phillip Edrich - Liberal Democrats

Stephanie Lorraine Jalland - Labour

Durrington (one seat)

Carrie Moore - Conservative

Graham Wright - Independent

Ethandune (one seat)

Bob Brice - Liberal Democrats

Val Jarvis - Greens

Suzanne Grahem Wickham - Conservative

Fovant & Chalke Valley (one seat)

Richard Lewis Ecclestone - Greens

Nabil Habib Najjar - Conservative

James Campbell Robertson - Liberal Democrats

Hilperton (one seat)

Ernie Clark - Independent

Jonathan Parker Davies - Conservative

Sarah Kearney - Greens

Holt (one seat)

Trevor William Carbin - Liberal Democrats

Pam Hyde - Conservative

David Adrian McQueen - Greens

Kington (one seat)

Peter Colegate - Greens

Ros Edwards - Liberal Democrats

John Andrew Foster - Labour

Howard Greenman - Conservative

Laverstock (one seat)

Joseph Lister Bassano - Greens

Hilary Anne Davidson - Independent

Christine Barbara Flynn - Liberal Democrats

Laura Elizabeth Jones - Conservative

Ian David McLennan - Labour

Ludgershall North & Rural(one seat)

Emma Jane Clarissa Dawnay - Greens

Tom De Bruijn - Liberal Democrats

Christopher Michael Williams - Conservative

Lyneham (one seat)

Allison Mary Bucknell - Conservative

James Sidney William Elford

Oliver Lavery - Greens

Malmesbury (one seat)

Glyn Davies - Labour & Co-operative

Gavin Grant - Liberal Democrats

Ray Sanderson - Conservative

Marlborough East (one seat)

Kymee Cleasby - Liberal Democrats

Katherine Grace Davis - Labour

Ruth Mary Lamdin - Greens

Caroline Susan Thomas - Conservative

Marlborough West (one seat)

Harvey Neil James Bishop - Labour

Jane Francis Davies - Conservative

Mark Purse - Greens

Jo Waltham - Liberal Democrats

Melksham East (one seat)

Ryan James Clarke - Independent

Vanessa Fiorelli - Independent

Louisa Lucy Lewis - Independent

Lucy Rose - Independent

Mike Sankey - Conservative

Nigel Paul White - Liberal Democrats

Melksham Forest (one seat)

Pat Aves - Liberal Democrats

Claire Elizabeth Forgacs - Conservative

Jack Oatley - Independent

Melksham South (one seat)

Jacqui Crundell - Conservative

Dominic Francocci - Greens

Jon Hubbard - Independent

Teri Welch - Liberal Democrats

Melksham Without North & Shurnhold (one seat)

Phil Alford - Conservative

Kevin Ian Cottrell - Liberal Democrats

Saffi Rabey - Independent

Melksham Without West & Rural (one seat)

Syrie Katherine Gregory-Wood - Liberal Democrats

Sean Lakshman William McWhinnie - Labour

Jonathon Seed - Conservative

Sue Tweedie - Greens

Mere (one seat)

George Edwin Jeans - Independent

John Anthony Jordan - Labour

Cindy Moxham - Greens

Timothy Stuart Pollard - Conservative

Minety (one seat)

Chuck Berry - Conservative

Steve Butcher - Labour

Liz Lewis - Liberal Democrats

Francesca Elizabeth Vandelli - Greens

Nadder Valley (one seat)

Jill Caudle - Liberal Democrats

Tean Jane Mitchell - Greens

Bridget Anne Wayman - Conservative

Old Sarum & Lower Bourne Valley (one seat)

Jacqui Bobby - Greens

Sam Foster - Liberal Democrats

Sheena King - Labour

Andrew Peter Oliver - Conservative

Pewsey (one seat)

Alan Richard Coxon - Independent

Jerry Kunkler - Conservative

Catherine Anne Read - Greens

Rachael Katharine Ross - Labour

Jessie Irene Thorn - Liberal Democrats

Pewsey Vale East (one seat)

Parvis Jamieson - Liberal Democrats

Chris Larkin - Greens

Stuart John Kennedy Wheeler - Conservative

Pewsey Vale West (one seat)

Daniel Alexander Excell-Smith - Liberal Democrats

Paul Oatway - Conservative

Brian Roy Utton - Greens

Purton (one seat)

Joanne Clarke - Liberal Democrats

Jacqui Lay - Conservative

Cathy Limbrick - Greens

Steve Wheeler - Labour

Redlynch & Landford (one seat)

Finn Anderson - Labour & Co-operative

Andrew Gordon Carter - Greens

Zoë Diana Clewer - Conservative

Martin James Rosell - Liberal Democrats

Royal Wootton Bassett East (one seat)

Steve Bucknell - Conservative

Karen Louise Crawford - Greens

Stuart Andrew Dark - Labour

Fiona Geraldine Holness - Liberal Democrats

Royal Wootton Bassett North (one seat)

Ron Bardwell - Labour

Mary Champion - Conservative

Tony Clark - Greens

Andrew Matthews - Liberal Democrats

Royal Wootton Bassett South & West (one seat)

David Michael Bowler - Liberal Democrats

Sue Hughes - Conservative

Heather Denise Reilly-Edwards - Labour

Salisbury Bemerton Heath (one seat)

Caroline Susan Corbin - Labour

James Lee Doyle - Greens

Richard Andrew Johnson - Liberal Democrats

Ed Rimmer - Conservative

Salisbury Fisherton & Bemerton Village (one seat)

Harry Ashcroft - Liberal Democrats

Pat Conlon - UKIP

Jeremy Robert Lloyd Nettle - Conservative

Alex Raws - Greens

Ricky Rogers - Labour

Salisbury Harnham East (one seat)

Greg Condliffe - Liberal Democrats

Ian Rylott Dixon - Greens

Sven Hocking - Conservative

Ian Robert Tomes - Labour

Salisbury Harnham West (one seat)

Bently Louis Fforde Creswell - Conservative

Brian Edward Dalton - Liberal Democrats

Frances Mary Patricia Howard - Independent

Sarah Pinsloo - Greens

Colin Skelton - Labour

Salisbury Milford (one seat)

Alan Halliday Bayliss - Liberal Democrats

Charles Samuel McGrath - Conservative

Sara Jayne Taylor - Greens

Frances Theresa West - Labour

Salisbury St Edmund`s (one seat)

Atiqul Hoque - Conservative

Rick Page - Greens

Paul William Leslie Sample - Liberal Democrats

Finbarr Sheehan - Labour

Salisbury St Francis & Stratford (one seat)

Richard Bolton - Greens

Julian James Sargood Ellis - Liberal Democrats

Mark Jonathan Lamdin McClelland - Conservative

John Arthur Wells - Labour

Salisbury St Paul`s (one seat)

Samuel Adam George Charleston - Liberal Democrats

Paul Michael Clegg - Labour

Cathy Thomas - Greens

Mary Elsie Webb - Conservative

Sherston (one seat)

Mike Jennings - Conservative

Martin Fausing Smith - Liberal Democrats

Emma Lee Whatley - Labour

Southwick (one seat)

Peter William Gregory - Greens

John Richard Marsden - Liberal Democrats

Horace John Prickett - Conservative

The Lavingtons (one seats)

Diane Mary Gilipin - Greens

Andrew Norman Jenkinson - Liberal Democrats

Matthew James Bowman Lee - Labour

Dominic Rafael Miguel Muns - Conservative

Tidworth East & Ludgershall South (one seat)

Anthony Kenneth John Pickernell - Conservative

Teresa Mary Thornton - Greens

David Wright - Labour

Tidworth North & West (one seat)

Abe Michael Terry Allen - Labour Party

Mark Connolly - Conservative

Till Valley (one seat)

Kevin Stuart Daley - Conservative

Teresa Jane Fallon - Greens

Alexandra Ròisin Ginn - Liberal Democrats

Tisbury (one seat)

Tony Deane - Conservative

Nick Errington - Liberal Democrats

Julie Elizabeth Phillips - Greens

Trowbridge Adcroft (one seat)

Nick Blakemore - Liberal Democrats

Rosie Buck - Greens

Edward Kirk - Conservative

Anthony Roderick Mansfield - Labour

Trowbridge Central (one seat)

Jacqueline Anne Harding - Labour

Paul Anthony Jubbie - Conservative

Stewart Martin Palmen - Liberal Democrats

Joe Lloyd Thomas - Greens

Trowbridge Drynham (one seat)

Andrew James Bryant - Liberal Democrats

Antonio Calogero Piazza - Conservative

John Douglas Sankey - Independent

Trowbridge Grove (one seat)

David Edward Halik - Conservative

Dale Robert Ingram - Greens

Emily Kate Pomroy-Smith - Labour

David Charles Vigar - Liberal Democrats

Trowbridge Lambrok (one seat)

Laurence James Marshall - Conservative

Michael Anthony Searle - Greens

Jo Trigg - Liberal Democrats

Trowbridge Park (one seat)

Daniel Ryan Cave - Conservative

Stephen James Cooper - Liberal Democrats

Thomas Peter Culshaw - Labour

Gavin Hillel Lazarus - Greens

Trowbridge Paxcroft (one seat)

Mel Jacob - Liberal Democrats

Emily Louisa Kirk - Conservative

Urchfont & Bishops Cannings (one seat)

Simon Stephen Goodman - Greens

Lisa Kinnaird - Liberal Democrats

Philip Whitehead - Conservative

Warminster Broadway (one seat)

Tony Jackson - Conservative

Martin David John Papworth - Liberal Democrats

John Syme - Independent

Richard Ivor Watson - Greens

Warminster East (one seat)

Andrew Davis - Conservative

Eddie Large - Greens

Paul Ian MacDonald - Independent

Oscar Robert Vaughan - Liberal Democrats

Warminster North & Rural (one seat)

Bill Parks - Conservative

Jenny Stratton - Liberal Democrats

Warminster West (one seat)

Stacie Allensby - Independent

Elizabeth Catherine Sally Lucy Charles - Liberal Democrats

Pip Ridout - Conservative

Westbury East (one seat)

Michael John Amos - Labour

John Palmer Foster - Conservative

Gordon Ian King - Liberal Democrats

Westbury North (one seat)

Aaron Lewis Donovan - Conservative

Carole King - Liberal Democrats

Michael William Taylor - Greens

Andy Wright - The For Britain Movement

Westbury West (one seat)

Daniel Joseph Butler - Conservative

David Charles Cavill - Liberal Democrats

Matthew Jonathan Anthony Dean - Independent

Jane Francesca Russ - Labour

Wilton (one seat)

Pauline Elizabeth Church - Conservative

Peter Derek Edge - Liberal Democrats

Seamus Green - Labour

Peter Jolyon Ellis Matthews - Greens

Winsley & Westwood (one seat)

Johnny Kidney - Conservative

Richard Gregory Mann - Liberal Democrats

Winterslow & Upper Bourne Valley (one seat)

Andrew Edward Cooke - Labour

Christopher Devine - Independent

Roxanne Eastland - Liberal Democrats

Harry Jacob Pannell - Greens

Rich Rogers - Conservative

Wylye Valley (one seat)

Josh Charles - Liberal Democrats

Christoper Newbury - Conservative

Julia Mary Tuff - Greens