Fears of overflowing sewage have prompted dozens of objections against plans to build 32 houses in the village of Aldbourne.

The development is earmarked for Lottage Farm, so would see agricultural land being built, effectively extending the village boundary.

“How is it going to manage with more houses?” said resident Margaret Alexander. “The Square is a disgrace with pumps filling the parking spaces since before Christmas and with no signs of them being moved away. I appreciate that homes are needed but surely the sewage facilities should be adequate for the houses already built before adding to the number.”

Many fear the development, from Cirencester based company Pegasus, would also mean extra traffic on Lottage Road and into the village centre.

“Lottage Road is already blocked on one side as housing has no car parking spaces and therefore park on the road.

“The junction with Oxford Street is already very dangerous and traffic cannot be seen coming down the hill from Baydon, it is a wonder there haven’t been more accidents there.”

Another resident, Paul Blatchford wrote to Wiltshire Council saying: “If 32 homes are built, on average this means an extra 60 plus vehicles parked and will add significantly to road movements.

“Thames Water has suggested it has no objection based on what they have been told but the whole village knows there are flooding issues every year."

Thames Water has installed a mobile sewage treatment plant near the library.

“Aldbourne is prone to high groundwater levels and this can lead to the sewers becoming overwhelmed when this underground water seeps into the pipes and causes localised flooding," said a spokesperson. "We’re working to mitigate the impact of this as much as we can, and have work planned to further reduce water getting into sewers.”