Businesses and residents in the Marlborough area, and Pewsey fire station are all working together to get recycled IT equipment to local children.

Green Machine Computers in Ramsbury is co ordinating a drive to get more unwanted laptops, computers and tablets to refurbish.

The company has been operating out of Ramsbury for ten years, but has seen more than a third of its usual business drop off due to the pandemic.

Owner Simon Crisp said he was contacted by schools for help and decided to put his team to work for free to help.

"We have already had more than 100 computers donated, and we hope to get those recycled and out to schools this week.

"Schools approached us directly for help - but our stocks were too low, so we put the call out for help. The response has been great."

He says around 15 schools in the Wiltshire, Swindon and Berkshire area contacted him.

"We would normally be doing this with bigger companies,"he said.

"But we decided to offer this service giving our time and effort for free."

His call has been answered by Marlborough's the Food Gallery.

"We know that some children can't get online at all," said Rich, Kat, Bob and Nikki.

"And a great many have to share a device in order to get their work completed. So, let's see if we can jointly help 100 local school children, in these dark times

Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue is supporting the call too.

Pewsey firefighters said: “At the end of our first three days receiving so many fantastic donations, Pewsey Firefighters would like to thank every single member of the community who has donated a laptop, tablet or desktop…. Thank you!"

In Marlborough, unwanted IT can also be dropped off at Packaging Not Included and The Food Gallery as well as St Mary’s Primary School in Ducks Meadow.