Wiltshire council's eduction minister has told families to complain to schools if they are unhappy with their food parcels.

Cllr Laura Mayes, Wiltshire Council Cabinet Member for Children, Education and skills said: “If parents have concerns about the Free School Meal parcels provided, they should contact their child’s school.”

“We do not want any child in Wiltshire to go hungry and we are supporting schools to ensure they are aware of all the options for providing Free School Meals available to them.

“Free School Meal catering provision is arranged by schools and they must comply with food standards. The Government has provided guidance on what should go into Free School Meal parcels for a child’s lunch for five days. School governors should be monitoring the standard of Free School Meal parcels provided by their school."

Dozens of families in Wiltshire have been posting pictures to us about what they consider to be inadequate food parcels.

Gareth Humphreys from Amesbury sent us the picture of his children's food provision.

"This is what was provided for my three children that should have been three days worth . It's shocking what they expect us to do with that for three kids for three days."

During the Covid-19 lockdown period, schools will continue to be fully funded as normal for their Free School Meal pupils.

Schools will be expected to make provision for their FSM eligible pupils whether they are attending school or not.

The current national funding rate of £450 for each eligible pupil, per year, enables schools to put in place meal arrangements at a cost of up to £2.30 per day.

Funding is paid monthly to schools as part of their overall budget share and is guaranteed each funding year to the school. Local Authority maintained schools receive their funding directly and academy schools directly from the DfE.