Well. Here we are again, back on the lockdown takeouts.

Just before I begin, this is a big shout out to all Indian takeaways around Marlborough to say thank you for being open on a Sunday evening, when all else around is closed.

Particularly this weekend, when Marine were playing Tottenham Hotspur in the FA Cup on the telly.

Nothing better than a couple of tinnies and a stonkingly good curry to watch it with.

Thankfully, as mentioned, The Zaika Inn was open, and wonderfully efficient at taking my phone order - before they had actually opened - so I could get there and back in time for kick off.

Poppadums and all the trimmings got things going, then starters were vegetable samosa (£4.95), which were nice enough, nothing to write home about, but decent.

Nice little bite size ones, and the serving offered three of them. Four would have been better though and would save some plate snatching issues when dining is for two people.

The Zafoni Jinga was in a class of its own, and could easily make it as a main dish - with a few more of them of course.

This was stunning.

Quite an unusual thing to see on a takeaway menu, but then the menu kept offering surprises, and showed a level of creativity and effort which came through in all the dishes.

This is a Zafoni Jinga - Indian Ocean king prawns marinated with chilli, garlic, cashew nut cream, cooked in the tandoori and served with green chutney and pomegranite relish. (£5.95).

Yum. There were two of them, and really big.

But not so big that you couldn't ram one in whilst your partner's back is turned and pretend there is only one, and therefore, sadly not enough to share.

As I said, the menu was enticingly different and I'd definately go back to sample more when the Zaika - which is also a restaurant, can once again open its doors.

These are the mains.

Zaika's Murgh Special involved marinated chicken julienne sauteed with garlic and butter with a splash of Grand Marnier, with cashew nut gravy and topped with fresh coriander. (£8.95).

I'm impressed by anything with Grand Marnier in, so that got my vote. The dish was creamy, mild and delicious.

But the Dalcha Lamb - now this one is a real eyecatcher on a takeaway menu.

At a very reasonable £9.95 this is marinated tender lamb grilled in the tandoor and cooked with chana dahl, red onions green chillis, bell peppers, curry leaves, ginger and mint. Certainly the star of the show. Hot enough, but not so hot to blow your block off, and the lamb was soft, melt in your mouth delicious.

They should big this dish up, I think as it was outstanding, and noteworthy enough to raise a conversation beyond the excitement of Marine hitting the cross bar against the mighty Spurs.

Tarka Dahl on the side mopped up with a plain naan (£2.55) and pilau rice (£2.95) made for a very nice meal. I'd give it 8 out of 10 and recommend it.

And if you didn't know. It was 5-0. To Spurs.