A third rugby pitch has been given the go ahead on Marlborough Common.

But the move has upset other users of the common who say it should not be turned into a sports facility.

Environmentalists also want further consultation, after the council voted in favour, claiming the pitch will change the nature of the common.

"Given the climate emergency we face, I urge a full consultation of the public before making a decision,” said Transition Marlborough's Richard Pitts.

The Marlborough model flying club says the extra pitch will further limit both the time and space for its members to enjoy their hobby.

Secretary Chris Bradford says the club will be complaining to Marlborough Town Council over lack of pubic consultation.

"While some of us are elderly, and can meet during the week when the rugby club isn't there, most of our young or working members would usually come out on a Sunday. But now the rugby seems to have taken over.

"I'm not anti-rugby - in fact - in my youth, I was a full back. But we feel the council has made this decision in an undemocratic way."

Gary Sharp, chairman of Marlborough Rugby Club, said: “There are a lot of users of the common and we not for one minute trying to fight with those people, we want everyone to be happy.

“But our fundamental challenge is that we have got 700 kids, and if you then double that number for parents and coaches and everyone else, that’s a lot of people and were really struggling for space. We currently don’t have space in the town to accommodate that many people.

“The football club and rugby club are both growing in numbers but we re running out of space – it as simple as that. And the common is the obvious, and is in fact the only place that suits

“People are thinking of the environmental impact as well, so we going look at ways we can encourage wildlife as well. We are not trying to prevent other people enjoying what’s there.

“The whole point of this is that we are trying to make this work for everybody, the model flying club have said we’re restricting their time so we are going to agree some time limits on it.

"We not going to put barriers on it or do anything silly, we want everyone to use it. We are going try to make this as painless as possible but what we desperately want is 700 kids enjoying sport, that’s the goal.”

The pitch will be created by levelling the ground and laying 4 inches of top soil which will be seeded. The cost of around £35,000 will be borne by MRFC.

The Town Council also received letters from several members of the public who objected to the loss of a wild area on the Common or who had concerns about parking due to the increased numbers using the Common.