VILLAGERS in East Kennett are renewing calls for a reduction in the speed limit, after a hit and run driver wrecked the bridge.

Police are trying to trace the driver who fled from the scene in a badly damaged vehicle sometime after 10pm last Thursday evening.

Now the village is repeating its call for traffic measures - and want the damage paid for by claiming on vehicle insurance.

They found the bumper, complete with registration plate, in the river.

Village chairman Leslie Jenkinson said the bid for slowing down traffic had stalled with delays to getting a community traffic system operating with the Police.

"It is just indicative of the amount of traffic and the speed of the traffic going through the village. I've been here 15 years, it has got faster and faster as people's sat navs direct them from the A4 towards Salisbury, avoiding the A303.

"The village speed limit is 30mph but they really go through art 45/50mph. I'd like either speed bumps or a speed limit reduction."