AT the start of lockdown, Burbage seven-year-old Anya Rodgers decided she wanted to virtually visit her friends and family as she knew she would miss them.

So, the Rodgers family started to cycle 640km to ‘see’ her grandparents, older sisters and friends - and raise money at the same time.

She has now completed the 400 miles of her trip to Torquay and has raised over £800 for the NHS. She has now extended the challenge to cover other people that have donated.

"First stop on Stage 2 is back to Burbage to say thank you to all the generous residents," said proud mum Julie. "Even the landlady at the White Hart pub - who threw Anja sweets over the fence.

"Then it's off to Redditch to visit her great aunt, and then up to Scotland to visit her Granny's uncle in Dalbeattie, work colleagues in Glasgow and finally Edinburgh to visit her Granny's cousin.

"Stage 2 is 599 miles bringing us to a total of 999 miles - kind of fitting that we are raising money for the NHS"