MARLBOROUGH College's art studio and gallery has been turned into a public facing exhibition.

Artist-in-residence Siobhan Humston has used the windows to create nature inspired displays for passing pedestrians and cars to view while queuing at the Bath Road traffic lights.

"The gallery had to close due to the coronavirus restrictions, so I wondered if I could create something that people could see from the outside," said Siobhan.

"The first display used macro shots of flowers. People were panicked at the start of this outbreak, so I thought flowers would be calming."

The displays change every few weeks, and have included water shots, taken from the River Kennet and the swan pond in the College grounds, Easter butterflies and trees from Marlborough and Savernake forest.

Siobhan is on a year long contract as artist in residence at the College, and moved from Vancouver in Canada for the role, which also includes tutoring around 25 art scholars who produce an annual exhibition.