MARLBOROUGH: More than 100 people have put their names forward to Marlborough Town Council which has issued a notice asking for a volunteer force to help with potential needs arising from Coronavirus.

“At the moment, as this all progresses, we just don’t know the extent of what we might need to be ready for – it could change daily. So, the first action will be to have that team of volunteers ready," it said.

Please let us know if you are able to help by contacting our Assistant Town Clerk, Clare Harris, at

PEWSEY is pulling together as a community to help during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Shops and cafes are offering delivery services, and residents are compiling a list of volunteers on it's Facebook Noticeboad to help the needy and sick.

The Pewsey SPAR is offering deliveries as is the Little Lunchbox Cafe and Marshall’s Bakery.

The Kennett and Avon Medical Partnership in Marlborough and Pewsey has said it will be cancelling face to face appointments from next week. in line with national guidance. It says face to face contact will be arranged for those it feels are essential. Those with appointments booked over the next two weeks will be either written to or phoned.

AVEBURY: the community shop in Avebury is offering delivery services to those in need, and is also asking for more volunteers to come forward. Avebury Parish Council met this week to form a co ordinated plan, and to boost the shop's delivery capability. Residents will be posted with an information leaflet over the coming week.

CHIPPENHAM: Iceland in Chippenham will open its doors to the elderly every Wednesday between 7.30am and 9.30am.

BURBAGE: A facebook group called Burbage C-19 has been set up at the request of Burbage Parish council for updates and information about Coronavirus and how the community is reacting to it. Posts will be moderated.