DURING the night of October 14 1941, a Wellington bomber from the 15 OTU with the serial number R1275 was shot down during an operation called Nickel, in order to drop pamphlets over occupied France.
The crew was composed of six men and only one airman survived, Sgt Courtenay L. Humphries from Devizes. He was taken prisoner of war and spent the rest of the war in a Stalag Luft.
The aircraft with the five men who were killed hit the ground in the village of Normanville, close to Evreux in Normandy. Their bodies are nowadays in the cemetery at Evreux. 
The Wellington’s crew during the mission was Sgt John Charles Spragge (pilot), killed in action; Sgt Courtenay Leatham Humphries (pilot), prisoner of war; Sgt Thomas John Snell (radio operator), killed in action; Sgt Ernest Ashton Tredenick (observer), killed in action; Sgt Peter Beresford Tomes (navigator), killed in action; Sgt Edward James Waldron (gunner), killed in action. 
I would like to know more about the survivor, Courtenay Humphries, for my researches as I do research about the air losses in my area during World War Two.
Is Mr Humphries still alive or does he have relatives who are still living in Devizes or in the area? 
I am asking for your help in order to try to find any relatives or archives about him. 
When he was taken prisoner of war, Sgt Courtenay Humphries gave his address as Clermont, Littleton Panell, Devizes, Wiltshire.
It appears that Sgt Courtenay Humphries was promoted Warrant Officer during his captivity.
If there is anyone who knows Mr Humphries or his family and could help me with any information about him, I would be most grateful to hear from them at the email below.
Many thanks in advance. Greetings from France.