SCHOOLS are being encouraged to be part of the fundraising for Wiltshire Air Ambulance’s new airbase.

One of the ways in which schools can raise funds is creating a huge letter H to denote a helipad and filling it with coins.

Youngsters in Kingsley and Redgrave classes at Holbrook Primary School in Trowbridge did just that and raised £61.52.

They got involved after they were inspired by a talk given by Jemma Brown, Wiltshire Air Ambulance’s education and volunteer manager.

She talked about how Wiltshire Air Ambulance began, what it does, how a schoolboy patient was airlifted and the importance of fundraising to enable the helicopter and crew to continue flying and saving lives.

Following her talk Wiltshire Air Ambulance paramedics Paul Rock and Fred Thompson explained more about their job and helped the children fill their H with the loose change they had collected.

Natasha Blake, a teacher at Holbrook Primary School, said: “The children and the staff really enjoyed this fundraising experience. All of the children were very excited about making an H to denote a helipad and then filling it with coins. After Jemma visited us in school we were motivated to support such a worthy case.

“This fundraising linked superbly with our real-life superheroes topic and supported children’s understanding of the role of Wiltshire Air Ambulance in their community. Paul and Fred talked to the children about the importance of early response if they ever encountered an emergency. Several children have commented that they would like to become an air ambulance paramedic when they are older.”

Cheryl Johnson, head of Wiltshire Air Ambulance’s Airbase Appeal, said: “We’d like to thank the children and teachers at Holbrook Primary School for their brilliant fundraising for our Airbase Appeal. Jemma, Paul and Fred really enjoyed working with the pupils, their enthusiasm was infectious.

“As well as filling an H with coins, schools can fundraise for our Airbase Appeal in a variety of other ways, such as having a non-uniform or themed fancy dress day, holding a bake sale, organising a talent show or having one of our special collection boxes and filling it up.

“We give talks to schools all over Wiltshire and our new airbase at Semington will allow us to host school groups so they can learn more about what we do and see our helicopter up close.”

For a schools’ fundraising pack for the Airbase Appeal go to or call the charity office on (01380) 739453.